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Welcome to Nona Connect!
Welcome to Nona Connect!

Important Update: We have created a COVID-19 Resource Portal to gather information - please visit it here: COVID-19 Resource Portal

Be sure to join our community so you can comment, ask questions, and participate in the discussion - we are here for you and we will build this community network into a great place those who live, work, and play in Lake Nona - sign up using the button below!

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COVID-19: News

This discussion page is for COVID-19 news.


  • 7/2/20 11:17 AM: A public service announcement from Dr. William Felix has been added to Public Service Announcements.
  • 6/17/20 9:18 PM: Dr. Linda Travelute with Travelute Leader and People Development has announced... (More)
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Laundry Service London
Reasons Why You Should Consider Laundry Service London

Reasons Why You Should Consider Laundry Service London

The costs involved in hiring a Laundry Service in London can be very high but it would not be wise to go without one at all. The IRR is less obvious than the NPV and is actually linked as a... (More)

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Online Rishtay

How to Find Online Rishtay?

The online rishtay for girls in Pakistan is very common and many happy couples have been blessed by the powers of the internet. Rishtay means "the right of the master" and it is a tradition... (More)

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