Co Founder Tiffany Cameron created her first business venture with the name Jacq LLC. She came up with the name after her beloved dog which was a Jack Russell Terrier. Jack with a Q gave a more feminine take on the word. The story continued to be told when she took on a Hers & His concept and so with the Q being feminine and the K being masculine she combined the two. You will see touches of her story in the space. A beautiful art piece in memory of her Jack Russell “Leila” is located in the Primprose Room, and a mural of Leila’s black spots its laid out in the women’s bathroom. All art was created was created by Evan Sahlman. We also offer a yummy drink named & designed after her jack in the coffee bar. It is one of our best sellers. Served hot you will view a stamped cinnamon paw on top, and served cold you’ll get all the yummy flavors an iced drink deserves. Both are made the same & both are our favorite choices. Be sure to try one next time you are in.