This discussion page is for COVID-19 supply / grocery information.

😷PSA (FDA approved Medical Mask): Sunil Sunny Daswani from Digital Memory is working directly with manufacturers in Asia who are producing medical supplies and would like to help bring those supplies here to our community. They are asking that when you order a box of masks for your family that you also order at least 1 box that will go into the donation order that will be distributed to our local hospitals, fire station and police department.

Once they place the order, they will keep you updated on the ETA of the delivery (they will be shipped to one place). They will coordinate a pick up location using the proper guidelines to ensure 6ft distance and will then share with you via these same channels the deliver to all the recipients of the donated masks.


  • $33/box of 50 blue surgical mask (can be worn under the cloth masks everyone is wearing and what is being sent to a lot of local hospitals) ·

Place order here.

  • Minimum order is 2 (1 for personal/1 for donation)

🧼Gallon jugs of hand sanitizer at normal, pre-outbreak price, as well as donating to certain facilities in need available. Email for questions or to place an order. 

🍎 Publix has updated hours of 8 AM to 8 PM.

🍎Publix has designated Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (7 - 8 AM) as senior shopping hours for customers ages 65 and up beginning Tuesday, March 24. Publix Pharmacy will open at 7 AM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the senior population.

🍎Target has updated hours and will close at 9 PM and the first hour of opening every Wednesday morning will now be set aside for more at-risk customers.

🍎Home Health Care Resources Corp. is here for all home care needs; Providing homemaking services that consist of housekeeping, meal prep, grocery shopping, companion, personal care and respite services. We offer free in home consultations. We can be reached via Facebook, Web or by phone 321.677.2699.

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