Cannabis products are legalized throughout the United States, but they remain illegal under federal law. Retailers selling CBD products in Custom CBD Boxes must therefore keep them out of the reach of customers until after they have paid for them. 

It means that these products need to pack carefully. Here are some great packaging ideas for your CBD business:

Multi-Packs with Dividers

One good idea would be to offer multiple "servings" in each package. So, consumers can choose how much they want to buy at once. Dividers are also useful. They separate the servings and prevent them from intermixing. 

It minimizes waste if one serving is spilled or otherwise ruined. A clear window on the package let consumers see how many items are inside.

Combination Pack with CBD Container And Grinder

If you are selling CBD, you may want to think about including a grinder as a gift for customers who make large purchases. You can include grinders at no additional cost. It would require a larger budget. 

The packaging must be big enough to accommodate both products and labels and other information on both sides of the window. It may ultimately increase your costs if not done correctly.

What's more, only some CBD oil companies will fill up grinders that they sell as part of their product line. In addition, must prefer sturdy containers over fragile ones. Transparency makes it easier for retailers to display the product and generate sales.

Custom Boxes with Magnetic Flap Closure

A semi custom box can be a good choice if you're looking for a simple solution to packaging your products. A customized design gives your brand a more polished appearance and may even entice customers to like artistic themes. It doesn't take as much time or effort to develop an effective design. Magnetic flaps are popular. They preserve freshness better than other closures. 

It is ideal for products that need to keep away from humidity and heat. They also help keep the contents clean by preventing dust from entering through small openings in the package.

Boxes with Wraparound Labels

CBD products such as hemp oils and creams typically require an applicator such as a dropper along with instructions on how much should be applied at one time. If they don't come with an applicator, the customer has to provide their own and a separate jar for storage. 

Therefore, it's best to include a dropper inside each package instead of making customers buy one separately. Another good idea would be to wrap the entire bin in a clear or semi transparent label prominently displayed on its front side. 

This design enables consumers to easily identify the product and other information while adding a professional look and feel to your brand.

Heat Sealed Stand Up Pouches With Zip Closure

These pouches can be as thick as you want to. It depends on how strong you need them as per your product size. You can find several options. Such as those with zipper closures and pre-made tear notches. They allow customers to open and close them without a pair of scissors. They are typically transparent so that everyone can easily identify the product inside, especially if it's a CBD product.

Rollable Trays with Slide Lock

The simplest packaging types would have to be rollable trays with slide-lock closure. They look more interesting than a box with a flap. Yet, they are also lightweight and easy to handle without making a mess in stores and warehouses where products need to be stored for prolonged periods. 

A good thing about these is that the materials used tend to be clear or semi transparent. It means you can place your custom labels on top of them once you receive them from your supplier.


Clamshells have a completely different shape from the other packages mentioned so far. They are typically used for packaging cosmetic or beauty item like:

  • Beauty creams
  • Shampoos
  • CBD lip balms

It's also common to see them placed inside boxes with flaps. Moreover, it enables shipping companies to put more items into a single box without worrying that they slip out from under the flaps.

Custom Printed CBD Boxes

Custom Printed CBD Boxes can come in a rectangular or square shape with flat sides and pointed corners. They may be clear or opaque, relying on your preference. You do not worry as they cannot break easily. 

They are usually made of strong material. You can be sure that your products will remain safe on the inside even if they rattle around multiple times during transport.

Blister Packs with A Peel-Off Backing

These are common items in products sold at convenience stores or pharmacies requiring frequent dosings such as:

  • Painkillers
  • Vitamins
  • Supplements

CBD oil tinctures are typically packaged this way. It makes it convenient for customers to take them without bringing along a dropper every time they leave the house. These packages are different because each item is "suspended" behind perforated holes. So customers easily peel one item away from its surroundings after purchase.

Industrial Bulk Packaging

Companies typically use this type of packaging when wholesale. You can find the most protective types since you can store them inside warehouses. Also, the trucks transport them across large distances multiple times before reaching the end destination. 

That's why these packages usually come with tamper proof seals. It gives extra security against thieves who may want to get their hands on it to sell it off for a quick buck.

These are the most common sorts of Custom Printed CBD Boxes. You can find them online at wholesale distributors specializing in these items. Once your order, upload your logo and put together a custom design for all sides where necessary. 

So, make sure to take enough time planning everything out ahead of time. Before requesting a quote from suppliers, see if they can accommodate what you need without going through unnecessary hoops.

Once the materials arrive at your doorsteps, make sure to check them carefully for any damage if caused during transport. Assuming everything arrived at your doorstep in one piece, you can proceed with production right away and get the CBD Boxes Wholesale process started!